Why Serviced Apartments Are Perfect For Families

Are you looking for a place to stay with your family for a trip to a new city or country? Serviced apartments might not be the first option that springs to mind, but you’d be surprised at all the positives they include. From helping to maintain the family routine to saving money, serviced apartments have a whole lot to offer. Here are the top reasons why they are perfect for families.


Just because you are travelling together, doesn’t mean that you want to spend all of your time in each other’s space. Luckily, serviced apartments are available in a range of different sizes—including one, two, and even five bedroomed apartments. That means everyone has their own space to do their own thing, but you still have communal areas like a lounge where the whole family can gather to spend time together.


Of course, you are going to spend some time out and about enjoying all that your temporary destination has to offer. But there are also some days when you just don’t want to head outside. Maybe the weather isn’t great or the kids are tired, and that’s where a serviced apartment really shines. Serviced apartments generally have TVs, DVD players, and stereos. Most of them also come with free WiFi, so staying entertained is easier than ever.


Let’s face it, children can be picky eaters and if one of your children has a food allergy, then navigating menus in another language on a daily basis can be a challenge. Serviced apartments have fully furnished kitchens, meaning that everyone can enjoy their favourite meals no matter where in the world they are. Plus, since you aren’t eating out for every meal, you end up saving money.


While many people enjoy the simplicity that hotel room design often brings, it isn’t the most inviting for children. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, tend to have small home comforts like artwork, sofa cushions, and other accessories. It might not sound like much, but it can make all the difference when it comes to your home away from home.


Travel can be tiring, for adults and children alike. As is adjusting to a new environment, especially when your routines are out of sync. Thanks to the more “home” like environment that a serviced apartment offers, you can keep many of those home routines in place. For example, there’s no need to fit breakfast into “opening hours” and the bedtime routine for your kids can happen just as it does at home, without you also having to go to bed.


When it comes to big families, hotels aren’t always the most generous with costs. Some places charge per person and extra fees often rear their ugly heads. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, charge per apartment, per night. So stay as many nights as you would like at the same rate per night.

Travelling with kids can be challenging, but it can also be a wonderful experience. There is nothing quite like exploring a museum, visiting the zoo, or enjoying an outdoor playground on the other side of the world. Add a serviced apartment to the mix and you have the flexibility to explore a new location at a pace and in a way, that suits the whole family.