What to do this fall in the Netherlands

Spring and the Netherlands might be the words that usually go together when thinking of this European country. However, there are plenty of perks that the cooler weather brings. Here are our top recommendations of what to do this fall in the Netherlands.

Spend time in nature

Sure, bulb fields and flower parades are a beautiful sight, but yellow-copper leaves combined with creamy-white mushrooms speckled along the path during a nature walk or sweeping heather filled lilac landscapes have their own special charm. Visit one of the many Dutch parks to enjoy the fall sunshine, beautiful views, and cool breezes. Some of our favourites include the Hoge Veluwe, Biesbosch National Park, and the dunes of Texel. And if you really want to see some colour changes head to your nearest Dutch botanical gardens or arboretum.

Eat Dutch apple pie

Yes, technically you can eat this tasty treat any time throughout the year, but there is something special about digging your fork into a fresh slice of apple pie (with a dollop of whipped cream on the side, of course!) together with a warm cup of tea or coffee all while snuggled up in a warm jumper.

Visit the popular museums and attractions

Finally, the bus loads of tourists having started to decrease, making fall the perfect time to visit some of those top Dutch museums and attractions you’ve been putting off because of the crowds. Not only will the queues to get in be shorter, you’ll also be bumping elbows with far fewer people once inside.

Drink Bock beer

Bockbier is a well-known dark beer released by many of the Dutch beer brands between October and February. Typically, these beers are lower in fermentation, ruby in colour, and feature a malty, caramel flavour. For beer lovers, drinking bock beer is one of the top things to do in fall in the Netherlands.

Go apple picking

We’ve already highlighted the delights of eating apple pie, so why not head outside and pick some of those enjoyable apples? October, in particular, is prime apple picking season in the Netherlands and many farms open their gates to indulge the apple picker inside all of us.