Stay with Confidence – CHF gains Quality Accreditation from The ASAP

We are super happy to have gained the Quality Accredited Operator Netherlands status and to be the latest Serviced Apartment Operator member to join The ASAP (Association of Serviced Apartment Providers)!

Hotels and the more traditional parts of the hospitality industry have widely known and recognizable ways to show (business) travelers the standard of quality that they can expect, whether through star ratings, previous experience etcetera. However, this is different in the serviced apartment industry. Since it's a relatively new form of accommodation that is only recently on the rise, there is still a lot to be done in terms of persuading these (business or individual) travelers of the quality of serviced apartments.

In regards to this issue ASAP launched their Quality Accreditation logo/seal/marque to the industry in 2014, to drive up, maintain and inform standards around bookings, facilities, and so on. Thus delivering confidence that all minimum pre-set standards of quality have been achieved as a minimum.  The ASAP Quality Accreditation Programme is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition and accreditation system for the serviced apartments, corporate housing and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry.

For the consumer, this means they can be reassured and confident that those awarded with ASAP's accreditation (anywhere in the world) are delivering a consistently high standard of customer care, comfort, health and safety. Thus, when booking a serviced apartment look for the accreditation marque , which (it so happens:), we now have! Corporate (and individual) customers can stay with confidence at Corporate Housing Factory!

Visit for full details of the ASAP QA and Accreditation Programme.