Serious About Sustainability? So Are We!

Tap Water Never Tasted Better

Good to know: there’s no need to buy water here! It’s free and delicious... straight from the tap. Collected from groundwater and surface water, it is purified by drink water companies. The RIVM has rated the water quality as excellent... so, save your money, and the planet’s plastic usage.

Recycling Made Super Easy

Separating trash for recycling is mandatory (and many cities even threaten with fines). For the properties New Amsterdam, Gershwin, Hoge Duin and New Orleans, you can dispose your standard trash at the garbage containers of your housing complex. When staying at our Hartje Gent property, you can dispose your garbage at the specially assigned bins close to your building. In most cases, you will find bins for glass (glas), paper (papier), and textile (textiel). But, where is the plastic bin? – you are probably wondering... well, since the beginning of 2022, the Dutch government has launched new robots to divide the plastic for you! So, you can just throw it away with your regular trash.

Also, if you really want to go Dutch, exchange plastic bottles for money! Read on the bottle whether it is refundable and exchange it at special vending machines located at your nearest supermarket.

Dutch Born on Bicycles

When you think of the Netherlands, most likely bicycles come to mind. Millions of them. For a nation of 17 million inhabitants, there are 23 million two-wheelers.  That’s more than 1 bike per person...  The Dutch choose cycling over the car whenever possible, and this reduces fuel emissions. There are so many more benefits of cycling instead of taking the car, including lower costs, better health... and saving our planet. Last year greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 9%!

Fighting Food Wastage

Ever wondered where all of the supermarket and restaurant food goes to? Sadly, it used to go in the bin. However, a few years ago, the Netherlands (as well as some other countries) joined the movement that saves only less-than-perfect food. One of the ways has been organizing dinners and Food Cycle Markets at Taste Before You Waste in Amsterdam and Utrecht, or BuurtBuik which additionally fights loneliness by getting people together! They also introduced the Danish  TooGoodToGo app. Download it and check daily for delicious boxes of food at low prices.

Supporting Local Farmers

Say goodbye to supermarket fruit and veggies. Once you order your fresh box straight from the farm, you will taste the difference. No pesticides, organic and guaranteeing a fair exchange for Dutch farmers. Some options, include: - Lokaal Boodschappen Doen (Rotterdam) and Fresh Bag (Amsterdam). Check out also the Local Heroes app to purchase local, organic products from small producers.

Perhaps you prefer to spend a day at a farm picking fruit and vegetables yourself? You can do so at Philips Fruit Garden (Eindhoven), Pluk Den Haag (The Hague), or Fruit Garden in the West.

Stay eco-conscious, save money & enjoy!