Moving because of Brexit

We have entered a new year where we’ve also been introduced to a new albeit smaller EU. On January 1st, the EU officially parted ways with the UK as Brexit became official. This change will be most felt by UK nationals who will now need a passport to travel to the EU, and to work here they’re required to have a work permit and a residence permit when staying longer than 3 months.

“Hasta la vista baby”

As anticipated, there are many people who are less than excited to have to deal with such measures and have opted to either move back from the UK to their home country.  Some companies have also decided to relocate their offices to the Netherlands because of Brexit, and their Brit employees have chosen to follow suit and start a new adventure here.

Where to stay?

Whether you’re returning to The Netherlands after years or you're making a move for the first time; you'll start off with a blank slate. Moving back in with mom and pops isn’t ideal and when that’s not even an option, the perfect house still can’t be found in an instant. So in the meantime, finding adequate temporary housing might be the best option. 

All the conveniences you need

Choosing a serviced apartment instead of a hotel as a temporary home has many benefits. Serviced apartments will give you a nicely furnished space, that feels like a home with all the conveniences you might need such as a fully equipped kitchen, car parking and cleaning services. The possibility to be registered on the address in a municipality is also a key reason why it’s worth staying in one as it marks the first step into becoming a resident of the Netherlands.

Venturing into a new life in a different country is one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life. Making the right first steps are crucial for setting the right mood for the rest of your adventure and finding a place where you can feel at home albeit temporary, sure seems like a step in the right direction.