How to Prepare for Your Corporate Travel Adventure

A business trip is something that most business owners and employees will have to deal with at some point. That first business trip can seem daunting, and even those with experience might be unsure as to how to properly prepare for a business trip. Keep reading for our advice on how to prepare for your corporate travel adventure.

Get Everything Ready

When it comes to a business trip, it’s essential that you have your transportation and accommodation arranged well in advance. Think through how you are going to get from where you are to where you need to be for each leg of the journey. You need to include steps like arranging car rental or getting a cab to and from airports, in your plans. Don't forget getting transport to and from business meetings you’ll be attending. Do a little research into whether or not the airport you’re travelling to offers a shuttle service.  When it comes to accommodation, consider staying in a serviced apartment. That way you will have more amenities and more space at a lower cost to you (and the company).

Plan an Itinerary

When you are embarking on corporate travel, it can be invaluable to have to hand a single document containing all of the logistics and details of your trip. Make putting together this itinerary one of your priorities when travelling for business. Have your itinerary ready to go before setting out. Outline each day that you will be away, starting from the time that you leave your home or office through to the day that you return home. Don’t forget to include information about your flight, any details on rental cars and transportation, the address and phone number of your hotel/serviced apartment provider, the time and location of any business meetings, and the contact information of people that you’ll be meeting during the trip.

Prepare Documentation

Never leave home without having the proper paperwork and your personal identification with you, especially if you’re travelling via an airport. Make sure that you have all the ID you’re going to need for your journey, that it is in date, and that there is ample travel time left before it expires. 

Tip: Most countries require you to have at least six months validity on your passport from the final day of travel. Make sure that your driver's license is also in date and with you if you plan to be using it. Remember that when renting a car, you will be expected to show your driver’s license. Last but not least, don’t forget about travel visas in the case of international business travel. The last thing you need is to be turned away at the airport

Use a Checklist for Packing

The easiest way to forget something is by rushing to fill a suitcase before you leave. While it sounds like something you shouldn't need to worry about, you really should ensure that you make packing a part of your corporate travel checklist. It’s all too easy to get caught up in preparing to leave and before you know it you’re leaving in the morning and still haven’t packed. Start putting together ideas of what you will need to do your job a few days before you leave for the trip. This could be your mobile and charger, any electronic files (and the laptops they are stored on), meeting agendas, and notes for the projects you’re working on. Don’t forget to include—and take—those personal items that you aren’t able to live without; such as your travel toiletries and your business clothes. You don’t want to get to your destination only to realise that you left your suit at home!


To put it simply, you need to be adequately prepared for any kind of travel, but preparation becomes even more essential for corporate travel. Making sure that you get everything done before you leave ensures that your travel experience will be as smooth as it can, and it also results in more successful outcomes for your business. You would prepare for a business meeting, so why would you skip preparing for the journey you make to a business meeting?