Experience of a Resident

It’s time for another resident interview. This time we spoke with Terri and Loren about their stay with CHF in New Orleans, Rotterdam. Continue reading to find out about their experience and their tip for relocating as an expat! 

Before we start, could you please introduce yourself?

  • Hallo! I am Terri Winfrey and this is my husband Loren. We are here from the United States on assignment for my employer. 

When staying away from home for business, finding somewhere that is more than just a place to sleep can make all the difference. Why did you choose a serviced apartment of Corporate Housing Factory (instead of a hotel)? What do you see as the main advantages?

  • As we plan to be here for a year, a serviced apartment was a much better option for us than a hotel. We want feel as though we are home when we are here in the Netherlands. 

We understand you’ve been living in Netherlands for a little while now. Looking back, what do you wish you knew before you moved to Eindhoven?

  • We are most surprised by the weather everyone rides their bikes in – rain, sleet, snow, wind, nothing stops families from riding their bikes here! 

Exploring a new country can be an exciting adventure. Are there any specific blogs, websites, or apps that you found particularly helpful or enjoyable for newcomers to the Netherlands?

  • I would recommend joining Facebook groups for expats near where you are living. It’s a great way to ask questions and some of the groups are very active with outings and gatherings.