Experience Of A Resident

It is time for another resident interview! This month, we asked Oleg about his experience living in a CHF apartment and in the Netherlands. He recently relocated to The Hague, together with his wife, and has some great advice to make your time with us even more enjoyable! 

Could you please introduce yourself?

  • Hi there! My name is Oleg, I am 26 years old. My wife and I recently moved here from Russia after receiving an offer from a company located in The Hague.

When staying away from home for business, finding somewhere that is more than just a place to sleep can make all the difference. Why did you choose a serviced apartment of Corporate Housing Factory (instead of a hotel)? What do you see as the main advantages?

  • The very main reason for choosing the apartment was a great level of household freedom in comparison to a hotel. Another reason is that the apartment we are living in is much more spacious than the usual hotel room with a separate bedroom and living room. It is pretty much like you are living at home also because you do not depend on the hotel’s schedule. One more advantage to us was the possibility to live in a cozy atmosphere and in conditions that are close to what we are used to. Your own washing machine, a dryer, an oven, a microwave, an iron and other amenities – this is surely not what you can usually find in a hotel.

I understand you’ve been living in the Netherlands for a little while now. Looking back, what do you wish you knew before you moved to The Hague?

  • The weather can be a bit unpredictable! If you are travelling to the Netherlands in fall be ready for rain and intense winds. Take your waterproof clothing and windproof umbrella with you.

What are the best things to do in the area, or perhaps to watch out for; anything to recommend to future residents?

  • The Hague is like a real-life postcard. You will find beauty everywhere across the city. Just start exploring the cozy district near the apartment building which includes a great variety of parks with calming nature and canals full of ducks. Last but not least – it will only take you 15 minutes by tram to get to the sea from your apartment.

Do you have any blogs/websites/apps you would recommend to people who are new to the Netherlands?

  • Subscribe to the local telegram channels, The Hague International Centre Newsletter and use Reddit boards. And just try making friends with people here!