Experience Of A Resident

Every month, we ask one of our residents about their time spent in a CHF apartment and their experience living in the Netherlands. Earlier this month, we spoke with Mr. Mihajic! Along with his wife and dog Alba, Mr. Mihajic is currently living in one of the apartments at our Hoge Duin property. Continue reading to find out about his personal experience and some handy tips for The Hague!

Before we start, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Marko Mihajic, I am 42, originally of Serbian and Croatian origin, but I was raised and lived most of my life in Poland. I am travelling with my wife and our dog – an Australian labradoodle called Alba. I work for APM Terminals, which has its global headquarters in The Hague.

When staying away from home for business, finding somewhere that is more than just a place to sleep can make all the difference. Why did you choose a serviced apartment of Corporate Housing Factory (instead of a hotel)? What do you see as the main advantages?

When I am in The Hague, it’s usually for longer stays and therefore I like to be in a place that I can consider “my own” in a way and hotels don’t give you that kind of experience. I simply try to live as a local as much as possible. The Hoge Duin apartments in the Hague are also beautifully located in my favourite Benoordenhout neighbourhood, with plenty of parks and green areas close by, which is a great advantage if you have a dog.

I understand you’ve been living in Netherlands for a little while now. Looking back, what do you wish you knew before you moved to The Hague?

I surely wish I had known it would be so windy 😊 Maybe also that cafés usually close at 5 pm, which is quite unusual. Foreigners should also be prepared that not all shops accept card payments and cash machines are not easy to find. But these are just small inconveniences that absolutely don’t spoil the whole experience.

What are the best things to do in the area, or perhaps to watch out for; anything to recommend to future residents?

There are so many things to see or do. One of my favourite routines is the market on Lange Voorhout on Wednesdays or going for a coffee at Barista Café on Frederikstraat. If you like art, you should definitely visit the Kunstmuseum where they have some great works of Piet Mondriaan.

Do you have any blogs/websites/apps you would recommend to people who are new to the Netherlands?

To stay up to date with news from The Netherlands if you don’t speak Dutch, I recommend the English news portal DutchNews.nl .