Experience of a Resident

It’s time for another resident interview! This month, we spoke to Alessandro about his experience living in a CHF apartment and in the Netherlands. He recently relocated to Eindhoven from Milan,Italy and has some great advice to make your time with us even more enjoyable!

Before we start, could you please introduce yourself?

  • Hello! I’m Alessandro from Italy. I’m 32 and I’m usually based in Milan where I work for ABB, a multinational corporation in the electrical equipment industry, but I’m currently living for 6 months in Eindhoven, Netherlands on a short-term business assignment.

When staying away from home for business, finding somewhere that is more than just a place to sleep can make all the difference. Why did you choose a serviced apartment of Corporate Housing Factory (instead of a hotel)? What do you see as the main advantages?

  • My employer found the accommodation for me, and I am really happy with it: a serviced apartment allows you to have all the freedom and space you require to feel at home, even if you’re away from your “first” home. And you’re not being left alone: the staff is always available to support you in case of any requests, from quickly replacing burnt out light bulbs to providing the best advises on the area.

I understand you’ve been living in Netherlands for a little while now. Looking back, what do you wish you knew before you moved to Eindhoven?

  • I was told that I could skip learning Dutch as everyone here fluently speaks English: that’s true, however I think that learning the local language in advance would have helped a lot to integrate faster! Also, I knew about the famous windmills in Netherlands… but I was not expecting such windy weather, so I suggest grabbing a nice raincoat 😊

What are the best things to do in the area, or perhaps to watch out for; anything to recommend to future residents?

  • I would definitely recommend having a walk in the Strijp-S area which is close to the serviced apartment where I’m living: I really like the neighborhoods “industrial” heritage, being Strijp-S a former industrial park. Here you can find many relaxed – and yet crowded – places for a nice beer or a coffee or whatever you prefer, and sometimes even meet a big group of football supporters heading towards the Philips Stadion!

Do you have any blogs/websites/apps you would recommend to people who are new to the Netherlands?

  • There are a couple that have been extremely helpful for me so far: if you want to be prepared for rain showers and stay dry then Buienradar is the app you need – it can save you at times 😊 For transportation, 9292 is the best option when travelling from one place to another, I like it especially because you can purchase all the needed tickets (trains, metro…) in just one app!