Expat Rentals: 5 Most Requested Apartment Features

As expat rentals have evolved, many amenities that were once a luxury are now considered basics. But that doesn’t mean that residents don’t have any special requests. Here are the top five most requested apartment features that we regularly receive:

1. Nice Location

It goes without saying that we all want to live somewhere nice, but people love apartments in the most exciting and convenient parts of the city. Being close to shops, great parks, and with quick access to major roads and the airport(s) makes for the perfect personal headquarters. With the urban expat rentals from Corporate Housing Factory the chance to stay in a great location within easy reach of the city centre with its restaurants, shops and local attractions and within close proximity to major transportation hubs is not just a request, but a reality.

2. Private Outside Space

A relaxing outdoor area like a patio, porch, or balcony can make a living space even more enjoyable, especially when the weather is nice. Outdoor spaces in Dutch expat rentals can be on the smaller side. However, even without a full patio, there are many ways to create an outdoor space that is cosy and inviting—a welcoming table and chair set, a pot of colourful flowers, or a relaxing wind chime.

3. Washer and Dryer

A washer and dryer is another favourite requested apartment feature, and understandably so. Therefore, almost all of our serviced apartments include laundry facilities within the building.

4. Wireless Internet

In this wireless world, it's no wonder that free wireless Internet is a top requested apartment feature in expat rentals. The good news is that all of our apartments feature a free WiFi/secured ADSL connection. That means you never have to be offline, unless you want to be, of course!

5. Ground Floor Property

While many residents request a ground floor apartment, the key element is actually the stairs. Being higher up is usually not a problem, as long as there is an elevator. And while the small country size and densely populated cities of the Netherlands makes providing everyone with a ground floor apartment a little tricky, an elevator is usually not an issue.

Which apartment features do you find the most important?