Expat Centres Make Moving Easy

Moving to the Netherlands for the first time, means you will need to sort out a number of formalities. However, finding your way around the governmental websites has caused many expats a headache. To spare you the hassle of deciphering the Dutch fine print, we have partnered up with specific expat centres in each of our operating cities! We work together with IN Amsterdam, The Hague international centre, Rotterdam Expat Centre and Holland Expat Centre South (Eindhoven).

Some tasks these centres can help you with include:

  • residence and work permits
  • registration with the relevant municipality
  • arranging a citizen service number (BSN)
  • applying for a 30% tax ruling
  • applying to exchange a driving licence
  • a helpdesk for internationals provided by ACCESS
  • seminars, newsletters and information to help you settle in the Netherlands

As you can see, these expat centres provide you with almost all the support you need. This will save you hours, if not days of scrolling websites and visiting institutions. Not to mention, you can ask any question about how things work over here, at the helpdesk. Whether it’s where to take on Dutch lessons, or how to arrange healthcare insurance. Or any question, really…

It’s important for you to know that you can register at our property addresses for the extent of your stay. If you are starting a new job in the Netherlands, you will need to arrange a BSN number. You have 5 days to arrange that after landing. For this, you need a Dutch bank account and a place of residence. This can be the address of your short-stay apartment.

Before you march off to the Expat Centre to register at your Corporate Housing Factory address, you will need some information from us. Check out these webpages to see what you need for each city:





Here you can find which registration you need, depending on whether you stay less or more than 4 months. You’ll also find a list of documents you’ll need to prepare for a longer stay. You’ll need extra documents, such as a marriage certificate if you are registering your partner.

We hope you have an easy landing in the Netherlands!