Eindhoven, my city; must-see landmarks in the city of light and design

Jan Verberne, our very own Eindhoven-based service host, has compiled a list of places you should not miss during your next visit. So, keep reading to get the best insider tips from a local!

A little bit of History  

Eindhoven used to be a small provincial town with breweries, textile mills, and cigar manufacturing. In 1891, Gerard Philips moved to Eindhoven, primarily because a steam factory was vacant, and labour was cheap. This is where he began producing light bulbs. The current Philips museum is still housed in this factory and it’s has caused the city to explode in the decades since. 

Since 1990, the former factories have been transformed into creative workplaces, trendy stores, and restaurants, giving rise to the current Strijp S and Strijp R. At the time, ASML separated itself from Philips and continued on its own, which, along with the High-Tech campus, gave the city a huge boost and is one of the reasons it has become very international. 

The City Today 

The original city was largely destroyed as a result of World War II bombings, and nowadays, Eindhoven is a rather modern city. However, the old Philips factories still exist in the city centre; beautiful is the Lichttoren (or Light Tower) where the lamps were tested; opposite of this you can admire the Blob, a futuristic storefront with its sister the Bubble just a little further away. As you walk out of town, you can’t miss the imposing PSV soccer stadium , which was also founded by Philips. A little further on, you will find Strijp S and R, make sure to discover this piece of industrial heritage.  

Further along is another one of Eindhoven’s icons, the 1966 Evoluon. Due to its large dome structure, this impressive building, which was formerly a science museum, is frequently compared to a UFO. The exhibition space recently reopened after being closed for many years, and it is now home to the RetroFuture show, where you can see a glimpse into the future. 

In terms of culture, Eindhoven has it all, from cinemas and the “stadstheater” to the now-famous music building with excellent acoustics. For fans of modern art, The Van Abbemuseum offers both a permanent collection and rotating exhibits. 

DDW, also known as Dutch Design Week, provides a platform for creative minds from around the world to showcase their work to over 350,000 visitors. In other words, Eindhoven breathes design! 

Another fantastic week is the Glow festival, during which Eindhoven transforms into a backdrop with light dancing and reflecting off buildings, making for a beautiful walk through an illuminated city. 

Of course, there is much more to see and do, such as a diverse shopping area, parks, and sports facilities. What about the Stratumseind, the longest pub street in the Netherlands? Furthermore, the region is home to a plethora of excellent restaurants, ranging from pizza to two Michelin stars. 

But, in the end, the best way to discover all that the city has to offer is to visit and see it for yourself!