Dutch Design Week 2021: Less is More

No matter the circumstances – Dutch Design Week is on this year like every other! For those new to this event: Dutch Design Week is the largest design event in North Europe, which takes place in Eindhoven. It displays art projects from around 2,600 designers, and takes place this year 16- 24th October. This year, Design Week in Eindhoven is expecting 355 000 visitors attending 310 events spread out all over the city.

If your short stay in Eindhoven happens to be within those dates – don’t miss it! Or, perhaps you want to visit Eindhoven especially for Design week? We still have availability at our luxury, short stay apartments. Visit our website to see what we have to offer.

Whether you are a true design-o-phil at heart, or just love to explore new concepts: Dutch Design Week will inspire everyone. Bring your family along and chat with the designers, while your kids engage in one of the many fun and educating activities. You can buy tickets here!  (sales started on 14th September).

Are you interested in innovative ideas on circular construction, mobility, health, safety, rethinking plastic, food, or social inclusivity? Dutch Design Week guarantees you will return with a head full of inspiration. Book a tour of any of the above-mentioned topics. Or, if you are interested in a bit of everything, we suggest enrolling for the Taste of DW, Discovery Tour, Inspiration Tour, Atelier Tour… For those preferring to see the most relevant designers and projects from the comfort of their own home – DW is also available virtually.

The leading motive for this year is The Greater Number. Don’t get confused… the goal of this series of displays and workshops are concepts aimed at less consumption and less production. And, therefore: less waste! This year is all about changing the behaviours of both manufacturers and consumers – placing emphasis on upcycling solutions and a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Want a sneak-peak of what’s on the agenda this year? We’re here to give you the inside scoop!

Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations

These cutting-edge designs of recently graduated art students will be displayed in the Melkhal, as well as online. This art display shows the “sweeter” link between people and technology, promising a safe, humane world full of new possibilities and expression. Kids workshops, lectures and meetups included!

WEAR – merging nature and technology

Can sustainable, smart solutions also be fashionable? The answer is yes! WEAR by Happy.green is a new range of smart and interactive (while running without batteries) fashion accessories that can do anything from opening your Tesla (yup, that’s on our dreamlist!),  transferring your business card details, or connecting with your SMART home system. Meaning you can operate your lights and music, with your wooden bracelet, glasses or watch!


One of our favourites… and entry is free! We think that by now, everyone is aware of the overwhelming amount of plastic polluting our ecosystem. What if we found a new use for it? The organizers of the Sparkling Plastic workshop have found more than one. The actual founder, Dave Hakkens has been busy developing plastic-recycling machines all over the world.  His ideas attracted broad interest, which resulted in forming firstly the Precious Plastic network, and finally – a designated location in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where students and creatives experiment with giving plastic trash a second life. Speaking of which, plastic waste is transformed into objects of higher value than the original one. Researchers explore more sustainable solutions, such as furniture, or even a spatial structures, such as a pedestrian bridge.

“Dat kan mijn kleine nichtje ook” (trans. my little niece can do that too)

Is this statement really as negative as it appears? Perhaps simple, “tinkering” designs have their unique appeal and practical application? This display will transform your way of thinking about design forever. The words that have haunted artists from the rise of the previous century, may have been a compliment all along…

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By choosing for conscious places to stay, and discovering new concepts, you can play your role in saving the planet. Who knows, maybe you’ll join the line of innovators at DDW next year?


Photo by Max Kneefel, Dutch Design Week