There’s a Treat For Everyone In The Hague

The Hague is known for many things, including  for being the country’s political capital and home to the royal family.  Yes, you got it: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima and their three daughters. This stunning city also happens to be located right by the beach (Scheveningen). Meaning, you can explore the city’s historical monuments and go to the beach – all in one go! Of course, to thoroughly visit all the significant landmarks, you’ll need some time.  Perfect for your short stay with Corporate Housing Factory. There is just so much to do!

Beach Scheveningen

Located just a few minutes away from The Hague city centre, Scheveningen boasts with long stretches of sandy beach. It’s one of the fave beach spots, not only with expats. Take it easy at one of the beach bars, join one of the water sports classes (surfing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, waterskiing, …), or simply lie on the beach and work on your tan.

Binnenhof/ Buitenhof

The Binnenhof, also known as the Inner Court, is where members of the parliament have been gathering since 1446. Many important political events took place inside the famous entry gate. Adjacent to the Binnenhof and the Hofvijver Pond, is the Buitenhof, which dates back all the way to the 13th century. Book a tour with one of the local guides to learn more about these historical places.

Peace Palace

The Peace Palace hosts the United Nations International Court of Justice, The Hague Academy of International Law and the Peace Palace Library. The building captivates not only with its impressive architecture, but also its idealistic goals of world peace. It was the gathering place of the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899. Here, representatives of 26 countries met to discuss ideas of unifying European law and ending wars. Take a tour inside the building and admire the ceiling paintings, stained windows and artworks. Perfect idea for a short stay trip!

Escher Museum

Come and discover the mind-bending, impossible world of Maurits Escher. Creator of many graphic works, inspired on mathematics. They include prints, book illustrations, tapestry designs, and murals. Think as surreal as Salvador Dali. As many innovative artists, his brilliance was recognized only by the end of his life.  The gallery is located in a palace and hosts a permanent display of 120 works of art. There are activities and workshops organized, suitable for the whole family. There are expat-friendly tours available in English. Don’t forget to take a photo in the life-size Escher room!


Most expats have heard of Madurodam, the famous miniature park in The Netherlands! It contains 50.000 metres of miniature buildings, parks, and flowerbeds. It’s the perfect place to get away with the whole family. Here, you’ll find replicas of famous Dutch monuments and cities at a scale of 1:25. The park includes at least 21 interactive activities, and water fun in the summer. You can see all the mayor highlights of the Netherlands in one go – in a dwarf-size scale, that is!

Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk

This fabulous structure is one of the tallest buildings of the city. If you’re into architecture and history (can never get enough of that in the Netherlands!), you should visit this gothic church. The 13th century building boasts with a six-sided tower and a massive bell. We suggest climbing to the top of the tower for the panorama of the city.


Ok, we know this is outside of The Hague! But, it’s only 30 minutes by train from The Hague. You can visit the city famous for Johannes Vermeer, Delft Blue (Delft Blauwe) porcelain and the Royal House. Surely, you’ve come across the impressive blue-painted chinaware sold in the Netherlands, and abroad. Visit the only Delft factory dating back to the 17th century, and buy your own piece. Stroll along the canals, and drop by the Vermeer Centrum to learn about the artist. Note, the original “Girl with a Pearl” can be seen at the Mauritshuis, in The Hague. This is very close to our Corporate Housing Property!