5 Reasons Benoordenhout is a Great Place to Live

Benoordenhout — a stately and popular neighbourhood in The Hague. Architects such as H.P. Berlage and Gerrit Rietveld have left their mark on some of the facades here and institutions and multinational companies, such as the International Criminal Court, have found it a place to call home. It is also the location of Hoge Duin, one of Corporate Housing Factory's newest properties. But what makes Benoordenhout such a great place to live? Read on for five reasons.

Sports Clubs

If you thought the only sport available to you in The Hague was riding your bike, think again. One of the real highlights of this area in particular is its wide variety of sports clubs and associations. Football, tennis, cricket, field hockey, and even golf are all available.
Tip: Heel Den Haag Sport is a great site to find out where your favourite sporting activities are taking place.

Plenty of Green

If having plenty of green space around where you live is an important factor for you, then Benoordenhout ticks all the boxes. As one of the greenest areas of The Hague, not only can you enjoy the general surroundings, but you can also take advantage of the plentiful parks, including Oostduin-Arendsdorp, Clingendael, the Rosarium, and Bosjes van Zanen.

Tip: Since the sixteenth century, various garden and landscape architects have added to the gardens at Clingendael Estate. One of the most famous, the Japanese garden, is only open for eight weeks each year.


For the most exclusive shopping opportunities, you will want to head to Van Hoytemastraat. A beautiful and quite elegant street, there are around fifty shops here including bakeries, fashion stores, and even haute couture.
Tip: If you need a break after all your shopping, head to Pâtisserie Jarreau. World renowned cakes and bonbons await you.

Ideal Location

When it comes to location, you can't get much better than Benoordenhout. There is easy access to the city centre and local motorways. Plus, the beach is only a quick (around 10 minutes) bike ride away.

Tip: It will take you roughly eight minutes to drive from Benoordenhout to the Mauritshuis, but if you want to avoid parking, jump on your bike and you will be there in the same amount of time, maybe even faster!

Range of Food Options

No true list is complete without a mention of food and here's ours. The Hague as a city benefits from its international makeup, resulting in some great restaurants, cafes, and bars. As one of its neighbourhoods, Benoordenhout also benefits from this wide range of choice.
Tip: Don't miss Donato Delicatessen and Restaurant Le Quartier, both on Van Hoytemastraat. 

In short: Living in Hoge Duin means living green and quietly in the city, with plenty of recreational areas within walking distance. This leafy and much-loved neighbourhood, offers you wide selection of artisan shops, exclusive fashion stores and quite a few good restaurants and cafes. The city center and Scheveningen beach can be reached easily with excellent transport links just a short walk away. What’s not to love?