Activities you can still enjoy during Lockdown

To minimize the pressure health workers are currently experiencing, the Dutch prime minister has issued  further restrictions in order to protect all citizens. While this means you’ll probably have to postpone a museum visit or a shopping trip in the city, there are plenty of activities you can still enjoy while social distancing and being safe. 

We have all you need 

Since most of these activities will have to take place at your temporary home it is all the more important that it has the facilities needed to have a comfortable stay. Luckily for you our serviced apartments all have a fully equipped kitchen from which expats can still enjoy activities such as baking holiday pastries and cakes or even make a holiday feast and have enough space at the dining table for the max. 3 extra guests you are allowed to invite over.  

Delivery Kits 

If you do enjoy cooking but aren’t a fan of grocery shopping there are ways to create restaurant worthy dishes at home without having to run around with a cart inside a supermarket all day. Restaurants such as Pesca in Amsterdam deliver kits with all the ingredients needed to recreate their dishes in your own fully equipped kitchen. They also offer a selection of fresh fish, oysters and as much wine options as a convenience store. Whether you’re staying in Amsterdam or not you’re still in good luck because they have country wide next day delivery for their kits if your order before 10pm! 

Order In 

For the expats that aren’t into cooking, rest assured that there are plenty of restaurants that have remained open for takeaway and delivery from where you can order delicious meals, ready-made, and the only effort you need to make is to load the dishwasher in your kitchens after you’ve enjoyed your meal.

Streaming shows 

It looks like Netflix and other streaming services are going to be our best friends again this time around. Whether you choose to re-watch Friends for the 100th time or are excited for new releases. You can indulge on binging whatever you choose on the couch in front of the flatscreen tv all our apartments provide, but if you’re feeling extra lazy you can watch anything you want on the tv in your room from the comfort of your bed.

Museum visit from home 

Rest assured, for the expats who like to indulge in the arts rather than watch the endless options on streaming services, there is still hope. While we mentioned before that you’d likely have to postpone your museum visit, that might actually not be entirely true. Most museums have learned to adapt to circumstances and now offer you the chance of experiencing a digital tour of their art collections. From the comfort of your home on your tv screen or on your phone you’ll be able to see the works of your favourite artists and explore the archives of the Van Gogh Museum or even the Rijksmuseum.  

In short there are still plenty of things you can do to keep yourself entertained during the restriction and still make the best out of the situation at hand. If you’re curious to know about activities and traditions that are unique to the Dutch holiday season that you can still enjoy? Then head over to our Christmas blog to find out more!