5 Ways to Personalise Your Expat Rental

At Corporate Housing Factory we know how it feels to be "at home", and even though we pride ourselves on the places we offer, we know how difficult it can be to feel at home, however nice your expat rental is. But we also know how to help; with these five easy tips.

Tip One: The Smell of Home

You walk into your house, you take a deep breath, that special smell enters your nostrils —that’s the moment your house turns into a home. Bring that smell with you. Use scented candles, scent dispensers, or cook the meals that make your house smell like a home.

Tip Two: Memories

We all love to be reminded of the wonderful things we have experienced, the people we love, and the memories we shared with our family. What better way to feel loved, and subsequently at home, than to look into the eyes of your loved ones or to see an item that reminds you of a great day out with your friends. Display pictures of your friends and family in your new home where they can cheer you up every day. Just remember that making holes in the walls of an expat rental is usually not allowed.

Tip Three: Shopping for the Soul

What better way to improve in your home than to go shopping and put something new in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you please. Do this in your new home as well. Decorate it with some beautiful things you bought locally and enjoy them daily. This will give you the feeling of improving your expat rental, which will almost instantly help make it become your home.

Tip Four: The Wardrobe

When you are at home, do you grab something out of your suitcase, put it on, and then zip the suitcase back up? No! So why do it when you are in one of our serviced apartments. Instead, take everything out of your suitcase, fill the wardrobe the way you like it, and start feeling like you belong in your new home.

Tip Five: Bring the Outside In

We all love having some nature in our lives. Try and bring that nature into your home in the form of flowers and plants. Go to your local flower shop, find something that you like and set it up in your new home. But, if the thought has you thinking, "I have no time to take care of plants." Fear not: Cacti can be very beautiful and require very little care, or you can go the easy route and get yourself some silk or plastic flowers which will also get the job done.